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Updating the URL

I've submitted my application before the deadline, unfortunately to make accessing the application easier, I have used a URL shortening service. So instead of :

The shortened URL was
But I didn't know that the service was so unreliable , the shortened URL is now failing.

I hope you can help update my submission, because the failing URL was added to :
1. My file github repo , but now updated , please note there has been no change to the code at all, I have only updated the file to show the correct URL, you can verify by looking at the diff.
2. In my submission video : not updated with full URL
3. My submission form : requesting the update.
4. Project Page , Updated to the full URL already

All I need to happen is for the judges to not go to the failing shortened URL, and go straight to the full Azure service URL

My project can be viewed here:
Your help is greatly appreciated


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    Private user   •   over 3 years ago

    Are you able to confirm that the URL to the app was updated?

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hi Murtada, Thank you for sending this over. I've forwarded the correct URL on to the judges in case their links are not working. Thank you,

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    Private user   •   over 3 years ago

    Great. Thank you Michelle.

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